Varicose Veins –An Ayurvedic Perspective

Varicose Veins –An Ayurvedic Perspective

Finding the root cause of the issue is very important for an effective treatment plan. 

Let’s understand what Varicose Veins are—

 Varicose Veins –An Ayurvedic Perspective- It is a medical condition wherein the veins (mostly in the legs) become swollen, twisted and dilated [ the veins become varicosed]. Normally Venous blood flows in an upward direction from the feet to the heart and the valves present in the veins, assist the upward flow of the blood. Fatigue, long hours of standing, menopause and several other factors can weaken these valves. This disturbs the movement of the blood flow and leaks some of it flowing back down. The affected veins turn bluish-brown or blue. There is dryness, leading to unbearable itching. 


The ayurvedic approach, with its effectiveness and negligible or zero side effects, is the perfect treatment option. 


Treating Varicose Veins with the help of Ancient Ayurvedic Methodology–

According to Ayurvedic principles, an imbalance of the Vata [wind and space] along with Rakta (blood) and Pitta [heat]in the body, plays a vital role in Varicose Vein discomfort. So, restoring the Vata balance becomes an essential part of the treatment. The Vata balance can be easily corrected by following a healthy lifestyle and having an equally healthy and nutritious diet.


 Ayurveda Suggests the following—


  • Eat fresh fruits, whole grains (oats, millets, to name a few) and proteins (milk, eggs, fish and chicken) regularly.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Avoid red meat and spicy foods. 
  • Garlic, onion and ginger are very beneficial so consume them regularly
  • Citrus fruits like Amla work miraculously to revitalise the tired Varicose vein.
  • Do not indulge in vigorous exercise or walking. Don’t soak your feet in cold water after a workout, since it can prove to be detrimental to the Veins.
  • Do not compromise on your sleep. A rejuvenated body and a rested mind only can help in the healing process. 


Beneficial Ayurvedic Medications—


*Ayurvedic herbs for treating Varicose Veins

–Kaishora Guggulu: Is a natural blood cleanser. It’s the right choice for treating Varicose Veins. 

–Sarivadyasava:  This herb is useful in detoxifying the blood, naturally.

 –Chirabilvadi kashaya: It is beneficial in case of hemorrhoids. 

–Sahacharadi: It is an amazing herbal oil that provides great relief. Tender application of Sahacharadi over the varicose veins can work wonders. 

–Herbs like Ashwagandha, Shatavari and Brahmi restores the Vata balance. 

Ayurveda vouches for ‘Brahmi’ as the drug of choice for the treatment of’ Varicose Veins’.


Ayurveda’s definition of health is not the absence of disease; instead, it is the means to achieve a physical, mental and spiritual state of well-being.

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