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Respiratory Diseases – Cured with Ayurveda

The increasing air pollution has become a universal concern for Respiratory Diseases. Sadly, the air we breathe, is full of impurities, harmful gases & dust particles making our body more prone to diseases caused by such impurities. Diseases of the lung and airways are some of the most common cause of illness in developed countries.

Respiratory problems can be as minuscule as the common cold or as serious as pneumonia. They may affect the upper respiratory system (nose, mouth, throat, sinuses) or the lower bronchial tubes and lungs. Ayurvedic herbs, help to overcome these problems.

Treatment with Ayurveda–

Special herbs & Panchakarma therapies are very beneficial in rejuvenating the body.

Ayurvedic herbs for strengthening the lungs —-are available all around us. One just needs to be aware of what to use, and when.

Bala, which translates into “strength,” is the ayurvedic term for the western concept of immunity. There are two major factors that affect bala–they are Ama and Ojas.

Ama, is the sticky by-product of the food that is left undigested. Ama decreases the efficacy of the body’s immune system. It does this by clogging or blocking the channels that perform the important function of carrying food products to the cells and carrying waste products out of the cells.  Ama also obstructs the finer micro-channels that form an important part of the immune system. All these blocked channels can lead to a cesspool of infection and other particles that affect the body’s functioning. Ojas is a result of perfect digestion, and enhances the body’s immune system, purifies the mind and the consciousness that resides within. Ojas helps maintain good health, and most of the Ayurvedic treatments focus on enhancing Ojas in the body. Ojas is represented by health, happy feelings, elation, feeling of lightness, strong immunity and complete bodily strength. There is a theory in the ancient texts of Ayurveda called the Land and the Seed theory. The body is considered land where the seeds are spread. Now, if the seeds of Ama are spread, then the result of the fruits will always be ill health and misery. On the other hand, if the seeds of Ojas are spread, the body will always have strong immunity and strength from within.

The rejuvenating herbs in the treatment module, help to nourish the channels thereby protecting the lungs to promote easy breathing.

Example of the herbs used in treatment–

Bibhitaki is an exotic fruit. It is the size of a walnut and has an astringent taste to it. The Triphala composition includes this exact herb of Bibhitaki, as Bibhitaki is extremely useful to reduce any symptoms of Kapha disorder. Therefore, Bibhitaki can be used whenever there is any sort of Kapha disorder in any part of the body. Because of the astringent taste, it tends to absorb the micro-water particles present in the Kapha dosha.

Similarly, there are many such herbs that have multi-purpose benefits in healing the body, especially the lungs and other aspects of the respiratory tract. With so many different herbs that are prescribed by the Ayurvedic system of knowledge, an individual can easily harness their power to heal, and bring in loads of relief from respiratory problems, once and for all. After all, everyone has a right to a sigh of relief.

Our respiratory system is a complicated and dense network of channels and systems that carry prana, (the vital life-force), along with oxygen.

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