Kerala Specialty Ayurvedic Treatment

Before doing Purificatory Treatments, the body is subjected to internal and external oleation – called Snehana and Swedana – a dual effect to make the body perspire. The time period for this depends on the chronicity of the ailment. There are some specialized and unique treatment methods for the same called Kerala Specialty Ayurvedic Treatments. These highly effective curative treatments include the following procedures:

This is a therapeutic procedure, which involves the application of medicated oil all over the body. In Abhyanga, the patient is made to lie down on a wooden treatment table called Droni check this link right here now. Medicated Oil is then applied all over the body and the patient is given a therapeutic massage. Abhyanga promotes strength, firmness of musculature, complexion and vigour. It eases the premature effects of old age and provides relief from strain and exertion.

Kayaseka (Pizhichil)
In this procedure, the patient is made to lie on the treatment table and linen dipped in warm medicated oil is squeezed over his body. While the Oil spreads and flows, the patient is simultaneously given a gentle rhythmic massage. Kayaseka has wonderful effects in curing disorders of the nervous system. Kayaseka has been found effective in the cure of diseases such as Spondylosis, Arthritis, Paralysis, Muscular Dystrophy and other allied disorders. This is also designed in response to specific complaints and is performed as rejuvenative therapy to maintain good health.

The head is considered to be the prominent command center of the human body. Dhara means pouring of a liquid in a nonstop flow. Dhara is another specialized treatment found to be effective for diseases of the head, insomnia, impaired memory and fatigue. In the Dhara process, the patient is made to lie supine on the treatment table. Medicated Oil is then liberally applied over his head and body. Then a continuous stream of prescribed medication (oil, decoction etc) is made to drip steadily on his forehead from a specific height through a specialized apparatus. Dhara when done on the head alone is called Urdhwanga Dhara and when the process is done throughout the body, it is called Sarvanga Dhara. Takra Dhara is another variation of Urdhwanga Dhara.

Shashtika Pinda Sweda ( Navarakkizhi)
The multiple effects of this special treatment make it the most important and also the most sought after. In Navarakkizhi, medicated oil is applied liberally to the body. Bags of Navara rice, specially cooked with milk and other herbal decoctions are then used to massage the body. These bags are kept dipped in the same decoction kept lukewarm over a flame djtjbdm. The body is then wiped dry and the same process is repeated. This treatment is prescribed for paralysis, muscular dystrophy, poliomyelitis etc. This form of treatment may also be prescribed for healthy persons as it promotes health, prevents premature aging, enhances complexion and improves digestion.

This treatment again is associated with the head and disorders pertaining to the nervous system. It comprises of keeping prescribed medicated oil at bearable temperatures on the head through a fitted leather cap. It is effective in curing Optic Dystrophy, Bells Palsy, Migraine, Facial Paralysis etc.

In this procedure, a piece of cloth is tied on the forehead above the eyebrows and medicated paste is applied profusely all over the head. The head is then covered with a plantain or lotus leaf. The period of treatment may range between one to one and a half hours. This is indicated as the cure for mental disorders, improving memory, Alzheimer’s disease etc.