Managing Obesity

Managing Obesity with the Help of Ayurveda

‘Overweight, if left uncontrolled, can lead to Obesity’.

Known as Sthaulya or Medas (fat) in Ayurveda, obesity is not just a disease in itself but a “signal” for many other major illnesses. Adding extra pounds leads to overweight and obesity. Obesity can lead to diabetes, hypertension, osteoarthritis, cardio disorders, liver disorders, infertility, varicose vein etc. Therefore, controlling body weight is very crucial because, with the passing time, metabolism gets weaker, resulting in a rapid weight gain.

Let’s see how Ancient Ayurveda can help manage overweight and obesity.

Managing Obesity, ayurvedic obesity treatment programs are planned based on the body condition and body type (Vata, pitta, Kapha) of the patient. The patients need a holistic approach to reduce weight. Ayurvedic weight loss treatments facilitate quick results. Along with the Ayurveda weight reduction programs and Panchakarma treatment (five detoxification processes), yoga and meditation also help in the improvement of the overall physical, mental and emotional health of obese patients. Obesity is treated not just for weight loss or loss of centimeters but also for adjusting metabolic processes, by reducing Ama and the excess fat to regulate the function of Kapha without vitiating Vata.

There are many ways to lose excess weight

*Triphala, Brahmi and Garcinia Cambogia are some of the many medicinal plants that help in weight reduction. 

*Deep massage with herbal powder and herbal paste (Udwarthanam), synchronized massage with specific oils (Abhyanga), and herbal steam bath help move the accumulated fat; and designed diet and yoga programs prevent its accumulation, further. 

*Appropriate Panchakarma therapies are administered based on the requirement of the individual.

* Dhanurasana, bhujangasana, shalabasana, ardhamatsyendrasana, trikonasana and vakrasana are a few of the asanas or yoga postures for losing extra fat which will be more effective when practiced with pranayama and proper diet. 

*Regular exercise helps in maintaining good health. Practicing brisk walk for about half an hour in the morning helps burn excess fat. 

*Drinking a glass of lukewarm water with lime juice and honey everyday first thing in the morning, are added benefits. 

*Eating smaller meals, every three hours is beneficial. Increase the number of fruits and vegetables and include low-calorie foods. 

*Raw vegetable salad such as carrot, cucumber, cabbage, tomatoes and, fruits like papaya and pineapple are perfect since they are full of fiber and fill you up soon.  

*Avoid refined foods and fat-rich food including milk products such as paneer, cheese, butter. 

“A Natural way of weight loss is the best way to shed out the excess fat in the body”.

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