sesame oil

Sesame Oil, Paste, and Other Products – Ayurveda’s Magical Solution for Most Rogas

Sesame or til is the wonder product of Ayurveda, with an unimaginably long list of uses, from oil massages to eye treatments. As an Ayurveda doctor, I have always maintained sesame as one of my most precious magical components in many of my Ayurveda treatments.

A precious element of the traditional practice of Ayurveda, sesame is a common ingredient in many herbal formulations. This wonder element finds use in overcoming dry cough, toothache, and digestive complications. It is also a miracle component that improves bone health and heals wounds. With a million other miraculous powers, sesame is one of the most powerful ingredients of Ayurveda. Let’s look at some of the magical properties of sesame.

Sesame seeds for balancing the body’s vata

Sesame has a moisturizing quality and increases the body heat – so we use sesame in Ayurveda to balance out vata rogas of the body. It also supports the digestive system and nervous system, along with moisturizing the skin and hair. Hence this component is to be avoided if the body has excessive heat and toxic built up with the systems. This magic ingredient also influences at least three crucial marma points of the human body – the heart (which controls emotions and relationships), the root (which influences the mental strength), and the spleen (which influences intellect and self-confidence).

Science has proven that sesame is an antioxidant, and is rich in vitamins K and E. It also includes minerals and ions such as magnesium, calcium, iron, and zinc.

Sesame’s uses in Ayurveda


Sesame oil is a rejuvenator, since it nourishes the skin, penetrating all the way down to the nerves and bones. It also calms the body and mind, enabling deep sleep and triggering sharp thinking. Sesame oil is a great nourishment for the skin and hair. All these properties make sesame oil a popular ingredient of abhyangam.

Herbal formulations for digestive ailments

Sesame seeds are rich in vitamins and antioxidants. It strengthens the entire digestive tract, especially the colon since it improves bowel movements by softening the stool. Sesame is however contraindicated when the body heat is too high.

Sesame and the skin

Sesame’s moisturizing qualities make it ideal for fighting dryness of the skin. It’s a popular ingredient for massaging babies and in case of shirodhara. This oil also promotes sound sleep and overcome headaches.

Sesame for strong teeth and gums

Sesame oil is ideal for overcoming toothache. It is also a great mouthwash since it supports strong gums and teeth, killing the bad bacteria in your mouth.

Sesame oil in the ear

Sesame is a common ingredient in ear drops and is useful for removing ear wax. It is also of great use in curing tinnitus and even improving hearing.

Nasal lubrication

Nasya or sniffing sesame oil lubricates the nasal tract, helping you overcome sinus complications and clearing all the mucous from it. You should massage your nostrils with your little finger after dipping it in warm sesame oil.

The wonder drug of Ayurveda is sitting right inside most of our kitchens. So why not start from the humble and modest sesame to transform yourselves into healthy, calm, and strong individuals?