Rejuvenation Therapy

Rejuvenation Therapy — Rasayana Chikitsa with Ayurveda

Rejuvenation Therapy — Rasayana Chikitsa with Ayurveda Ayurvedic Treatment in India is an ancient practice —for the harmonious revitalisation of the mind, body, and soul. This brings about natural balance in the best manner possible.

Ayurveda has two primary purpose – to maintain health and to cure the disease.

Rejuvenation or Rasayana as it’s called in Ayurveda—is a traditional Ayurvedic therapy, that helps to restore the body’s vitality. It is described as a herb, food, or activity that cures disease and grants youthfulness. Rejuvenation Therapy (Rasayana Chikitsa) helps to tone the skin and strengthen body tissues to facilitate longevity.

Rasayana keeps you fit both physically and mentally. The total resistance of the body increases, due to the optimisation of the ‘Ojas’ [strength] and the ‘Sattva’ [clarity]. This therapy includes body and face massage using special herbal oils and creams that are tailor-made as per the needs of the patient.

Advantages of Rasayana—

Rasayana Chikitsa makes one feel young and energetic, improves the skin tone, improves sleep quality, concentration and improves the capacity of our sense organs. The body’s immunity is increased to resist any diseases and bring calmness to the mind.

*Kayakalpa Chikitsa–

This method is used to sterile the ageing process and stop the degeneration of body cells. It also helps the body’s immune system. Kayakalpa Chikitsa is known to be most effective before the age of 50 and includes the Rasayana (particular Ayurvedic medicine and diet).

*Body Transpiration–

Exclusive steam bath help improve the skin tone and aid in weight loss treatments. They help in pain relief. A unique hand massage with herbal oils, help to tone the muscles and improve blood circulation.

*Better Control of Body Weight–

To maintain the bodyweight– herbal oils and powders are used. The treatment includes special herbal juices that help improve the conditions of the body.

*Skin Care–

Herbal oil massages, herbal face packs and the intake of herbal tea can help in rejuvenating the skin.

*Meditation and Yoga–

The treatment is designed to achieve mental tranquillity and improve one’s concentration beyond the physical being.

One aims at attaining peace through the eight steps of training, which are–

Disciplined behaviour
Pratyahara and
Panchakarma–This five-fold treatment aims for tranquillity and overall wellbeing of the individual with—tuning the body, breath, mind, nerves and blood purification.

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Author: Raj Mohan