rasayana chikitsa

Rasayana Chikitsa – Ayurveda Treatment Options You Can Choose from

I’ve already introduced the concept of Rasayana Chikitsa to you and its growing popularity as the wonder treatment protocol for nourishing the body, maintaining the physical and mental health, strengthening the body against diseases, building immunity, rejuvenating the body. With such a wide range of benefits, rasayana chikitsa is indeed one of the most popular treatment modalities in Ayurveda. This treatment is especially relevant in today’s haphazard lifestyle. The excessive mental and physical stress, unhealthy food habits, sedentary routines, poor postures, and disturbed sleep cycles have all taken its toll on the vata-pitta-kapha balance, leading to accumulation of toxins. The result is early aging, poor immunity, stress-related disorders, and new lifestyle-related conditions. Your body needs the rejuvenation of powerful anti-oxidants, nerve tonics, circulation stimulators, muscle and bone strengtheners, and all related benefits.

But rasayana chikitsa is not a simple 30-minute procedure. It requires your time, focus, and dedication and the support of an expert Ayurveda doctor. Rasayana chikitsa is one of the most popular treatment modalities at my Ayurveda clinic in Chennai. Its power in nourishing the tissues, preventing recurrence of a disease, and strengthening the body’s immunity is one of the primary reasons why patients seek the support of this treatment. So let’s look at the options you have in this treatment.

How does rasayana chikitsa work?

This treatment modality works primarily by improving circulation at the tissue level, strengthening the tissues and removing the ama from the body. The nutritional correction that this procedure delivers improves the digestive ability or the agni of the body. Hence herbal formulations such as pippali, thulasi, and guggulu help overcome the catabolic or the breakdown effect of age, improving the body’s immunity.

What are the steps involved?

Even a simple chyavanaprash delivers basic rejuvenation effects by improving the body’s metabolic rate and enhances immunity when consumed on a regular basis. Hence you can imagine the incredible effect this treatment can have when you dedicate your time and attention to a full-scale rasayana chikitsa. The process of the chikitsa is termed rasakriya. There are two types of kriyas, one that is customized for today’s busy life and the other that retains all the essential ingredients of a traditional chikitsa.

The decision of course depends on your comfort level and your expert Ayurveda doctor’s opinion. The doctor decides the package that forms the kriya, including herbal medications, exercise, massage, diet, and other details. Every session has a purvakarma of cleansing and panchakarma and a paschatkarma of relaxation.

Kayakalpam for the stringent approach

Kayakalpa procedure is used for those who follow a strict chikitsa approach. You will have to stay in a specially prepared room for the entire duration of the therapy and therapists will monitor you strictly for diet, procedures, exercise, and other instructions. This approach is extensive and can extend even up to 4 months. Adults up to the age of about 65 to 70 years can take up this approach.

Generic approach for today’s busy life

This is a slightly altered approach where you don’t have to cut yourselves away from society for that long. It involves consuming Ayurvedic herbal formulations as per your doctor’s instructions and a set of massages and related procedures on different days. This can extend from a month to about two months. It includes sarvanga abhyangam, padabhyangam, administering enemas, and even udwartana. The process includes swedana and relaxing exercises, with recovery period in between. Of course, diet and lifestyle recommendations also form part of the treatment.


Hence, ensure that you first consult with me about the specific benefits you can gain from this chikitsa before proceeding blindly with individual sessions. Contact me for any questions you have about rasayana chikitsa. You can connect with me at http://www.miayurveda.org/ or call me at +91-9444615161.