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Never Be Caught on the Wrong Foot: Smart Foot Care with Ayurveda

Our feet are a reflection of our health. Ayurveda indicates the feet to have some of the most critical marmas of the body. Hence, it’s really important for us to remember our feet when we think about our wellness. However, foot care is something we often ignore since it is considered as a luxurious splurge of money and attention. But most of us are indeed wrong. Caring for your feet or Pada is essential since most of the critical nerves end at the feet region. This means that keeping your feet happy is essential for a healthy living.

Wear and tear on your feet

Most actions of daily living that involve moving from one location to the other involve your feet. They also bear the weight of your body as you walk, run, or even stand. The workload on your feet is greater when you have to walk across uneven surfaces, move around on rough surfaces excessively, perform a lot of domestic work, do heavy labor outside, expose your feet to harmful chemicals, or use tight footwear. All these loads cause a lot of stress and wear and tear on your feet, making them prone to dryness, injury, and infection. However, just a little care can help you manage your feet well and nourish them with confidence.

Foot care with Ayurveda

Spending just a few minutes per day to take care of your stressed out feet will bring in amazing benefits.

Keep them clean

Ensure that your feet are always clean. Change your socks every day since the sweat from the socks can cause infection. Use only cotton socks as the synthetic versions can cause a lot of sweat. Wash them clean at least twice a day with warm water. Check to be sure that you have washed off all the soap from your feet and that the feet are well dried, especially between the toes. Else this will lead to fungal and other infections. Cut your nails clean every alternate week and keep them clean to avoid ingrown nails or dirt between nails and nail bed. Keep the floor of your home clean and walk barefoot when you are at home.

Keep them comfortable

Remember to wear comfortable shoes or other footwear that enables air circulation. Tight heels or shoes are not just uncomfortable, but they also hurt your toes and feet, applying excessive pressure and causing wounds. So find the size of your feet and buy just the right size. While wearing heels ensure that you do not go in for an unhealthy arch since this affects the bone structure of your feet and also builds pressure on your spine. All the friction and excessive pressure from heels and tight shoes can cause corns and calluses.

Foot massage or pada abhyangam

You really do not need an Ayurveda specialist to get a foot massage done. You can do it yourself at home. Regular foot massage not just refreshes your feet but also improves blood circulation to your feet, rejuvenating and detoxifying the entire body. This massage also has quite a calming effect and it moisturizes the feet well, removing all dryness. Foot massage can also improve the muscle tone, reducing chances of sciatica and foot-related infection. Adding ghee, sesame oil, coconut oil, or Ayurveda medications and creams meant for the feet can bring in maximum benefits, especially when performed just before bedtime. Of course, take the guidance of your Ayurveda doctor about the type of oil or cream to use and the procedure you can follow, since this depends on the type of roga your body has – vata or pitta.

Soaking your feet in Ayurveda herbs and medicated baths

If your daily routine cannot accommodate soaking your feet into a relaxing medicated bath, you can even go for this once a week. Soaking your ankles and feet for about 15 to 20 minutes in a shallow tub of warm water, with different types of ingredients such as rose petals or water, sandalwood, jasmine, coconut milk, aloe vera, etc., is the perfect combination. You can then rinse and dry off your feet. At all costs avoid cold water since it can trigger varicose veins. This procedure can also help you prevent foot odor.

Cracked heels

Cracked heels are called padadari and are categorized as a minor problem. This is a common condition caused by heavy workload to the heels, especially when working, walking, or standing on uneven ground on barefoot. People with cracked heels often have dry feet with cracks, which on worsening causes red itchy skin, pain in the heels, bleeding, and dry flakes. This can lead to infections when the condition is severe and foot ulcers in case of patients with diabetes. The solution to cracked heels is to ensure that the heels are always well moisturized. This can be done with regular foot massages, steam treatment, oil-based lepas, sesame oil and Ayurvedic creams. Ghee is also a great moisturizer, with turmeric or neem added to provide antiseptic effects.



Caring for your feet is not a luxurious option you have. Rather it is an absolute necessity. Your feet are a reflection of how healthy your body is. An unkempt feet is an indication that your body is prone to health complications and exposed to unnecessary back problems. So focus on healthy feet, foot care, and footwear right away.

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