Nasya – The Powerful Nasal Therapy of Ayurveda

Some of the most common questions I am asked before most of my Panchakarma sessions at my Ayurveda clinic is about Nasya. The whole concept of administering medication through the nasal cavity is an apprehensive thought. Nasya is one of the most effective form of treatment to clear the ear, nose, throat, and head regions from toxins. So let’s find out more about this treatment, shall we?

What is Nasya all about?

Nasya refers to administering ayurvedic medications through the nasal cavity to clear complications in the ear, nose, throat, and head. It cleanses the entire region and relieves the body from conditions such as migraine, sinusitis, and anxiety, with almost no side effects. It is a critical part of the panchakarma treatment and, when performed by Ayurveda experts, it is extremely effective in bringing back the vata–pitta–kapha balance of the body.

Why is Nasya so effective?

Powdered medications, herbal oils, and Ayurvedic formulations are delivered carefully through the nostrils, while get absorbed by the blood vessels through the mucus membrane into the circulatory system. It also enters the nervous system through the cerebrospinal fluid and nerve endings in the nasal cavity, allowing the Ayurvedic medicines to take effect, both in the ear, nose, and throat (ENT) regions and the brain.

Nasya is hence useful in clearing the nasal cavity, removing mucus and instances of blocked nose, infections, and congestion. This procedure is also effective in controlling migraine headaches and sinusitis, enabling breathing without complications. This process calms the nerves, reducing stress, nervousness, and anxiety, as well as promotes good sleep. Of course, Nasya is great at detoxification too. But its interesting application is in slowing down the aging of the skin and graying of the hair. This procedure also helps in bringing relief in case of cervical spondylosis.

What does the procedure involve?

The process involves medicated powders, oils, or formulations of Ayurvedic medicines and natural products. The nasal cavity is the entry point for these medications. Ghee is another popular ingredient. But before this step, poorvakarma prepares the patient’s body. This involves a gentle head and shoulder oil massage, including forehead, face, ears, and the neck. After this step is swedana, which involves applying steam to the massaged parts. This process loosens up the toxins so the main procedure easily helps in eliminating these toxins.

This main process is the pradhana karma. Here, patients usually lie on their back and they tilt their head backward and upward. This procedure starts with the Ayurveda physician instilling warm medicated formulation into the nasal cavity, one by one, using a dropper or a similar equipment. This might cause a slight discomfort but not pain. During the administration process, massage the neck, shoulder, and ears gently. The patient might have to spit out the extract that reaches the mouth regularly. This continues for a specified period of time and for a specific number of times, after which the post-treatment step of gargling with warm water and inhalation completes the process.

Conclusion – Nasya for clearing ear, nose, throat, and head-related complications

Nasya is an effective, yet harmless, procedure that has immense benefits. The only care that you need to take is to avoid the process post meals or after the procedure called shirodhara.  With so many advantage and a clear therapeutic process, Nasya is indeed safe and trustworthy. Just remember to choose an experienced Ayurveda physician who can help you gain the most from this therapy