Magical Rejuvenation Treatment

The Magical Rejuvenation Treatment in Ayurveda – Rasayana Chikitsa

As an Ayurveda doctor practicing in my Chennai clinic, I receive a lot of excited inquiries about the magical rejuvenation treatment. Some of the questions are unrealistic, almost expecting fairytale solutions from the treatment. Hence, through this article I have provided a quick introduction to rasayana chikitsa or rejuvenation treatment, which is all about restoring the body’s health, strength, and longevity, and refurbishing the cells and tissues for building immunity. This elaborate treatment involves a comprehensive set of treatments including diet, herbal medications, exercise, physical treatments, and lifestyle modifications that nourish the body and restore its balance. However, despite all its brilliant influences on the body, using the wrong approach can have harmful effects. Hence, “rasa” or the essence of life and “ayana” or the body’s channels that transfer the rasa across to all the cells can be beneficial only when performed under expert monitoring.

Specific benefits of rejuvenation treatment

This treatment beautifies the skin, revitalizing it, toning it, and bringing a glow. It builds resistance to diseases, delivering physical energy, mental clarity, and anti-aging properties. The treatment also calms the mind, improves memory power, and catalyzes longevity. The treatment is said to nurture wellness and help the body recover after illnesses or excessive fatigue and exhaustion. It works from the bones to the muscles and reverses the harmful effects of damage to the cells. This treatment is also recommended as a supplement to vata rogas and incase of anemia.

What does rejuvenation treatment involve?

This treatment protocol is defined by an expert Ayurveda doctor who assesses the patient’s condition and purpose of treatment before making specific recommendations about the types of procedures and the duration of treatment. The duration could be anything between 1 week and 1 month.

Before starting the procedure, the patients usually undergo detoxification treatment – the panchakarma treatment. Of course, your Ayurveda doctor will determine whether you require this pre-treatment procedure. The doctor also provides a session on the purpose and the overall approach of the treatment process since it often involves making lifestyle changes.

The usual approach to treatment involves making changes to lifestyle and diet, taking in herbal medications, and physical treatments.

Physical treatments

Head and face massages with specific herbal medicated oils, supported by swedana or steam therapy, helps improve circulation, build immunity, strengthen the bones and muscles, and improve the skin’s tone and complexion. Massages and shirodhara help with improving memory, delivering a calming effect. Other treatments include navara kizhi and pizhichil.


Intake of herbal medications

This is a critical aspect of rejuvenation since specific herbal formulations such as triphala, bibhitaki, shatavari, and ashwagandha focus on specific organ systems such as digestive, blood, or skin to deliver specific effects. Certain formulations also focus on reducing the body weight.


A strict diet is a critical part of making the rejuvenation treatment a success. It’s not just what you eat but how much you eat equally matters. Hence your Ayruveda doctor will recommend specific diet based on your condition. This will include nourishing foods that build your body’s resistance. But the amount matters since excessive intake can have the opposite effect. Common diets include ghee, nuts, coconut oil, whole grains, milk, etc.

Physical exercise

Your therapist will teach you specific yoga asanas, pranayama, and meditation that not just delivers physical but also enhances mental wellbeing.

Lifestyle change

Lifestyle changes commonly include posture, sleep-wake cycle training, daily routine management, standard routines, and choosing healthy alternatives in day-to-day life.


The core of the rejuvenation treatment involves a lifelong change in your lifestyle and restoring your body’s health. Hence this not only requires an expert Ayurveda doctor but also needs your complete cooperation. After all, only your determination can help you make a strong and lasting change.