Joint Pain Treatment

Joint Pain Treatment in “Ayurveda”

Joint Pain Treatment – Joints are the vital parts of our body and in case injured or inflamed, they can cause immobility and pain. Joint pain and stiffness are common complaints about many.

Notable causes of joint pain can rise from, number of conditions that include–

*Medical complications arising from treatments for other problems.

* While there are many kinds of joint pain, the most common ones are Osteo Arthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis. It can be very worrisome and can make a person unable to fully perform his/her daily activities. In severe cases, it disrupts sleep to a certain extent.

*Injury or Accidents

*Inflammation of joints



*Sprains and strains.

Common Symptoms of Joint Pain-



*Limited range of motion





Holistic Treatment of Joint Pain— Through Ayurveda— Ayurveda offers ‘Safe and Effective treatment alternatives for joint pain.

The herbs used in Ayurveda have all shown to reduce inflammation by interfering with the production of inflammatory chemicals in the body.

The Efficiency of joint pain treatment through Ayurveda—

Ayurvedic specialists explain that joints are the vital parts of the body and in case of a disease, injury or fracture, they cease to function as they ought to. Treating joint pain with an ayurvedic approach is an individualized process. A patient is 1st diagnosed and evaluated as per the symptoms. Doctor may require an X-ray or an MRI, before treatment. Any treatment approach will aim at balancing the ‘Vata’[ combination of air and ether] which causes the inflammation and pain. Your treatment approach is influenced by the severity of the joint condition. Treatments also include massaging the joints with enriched oils and other herbs. Applying the medicated paste on the diseased joint is another treatment approach.

What happens in Ayurvedic Treatment—

Ayurvedic medicines combined with some joint exercises and therapies help to give natural and gradual relief from stiffness, swelling and joint pain. You can get rid of taking pain killers provided you do comfortable and easy movements regularly. Ayurvedic medicines can help in maintaining the healthy joints, from there on.

Does Ayurvedic Treatment have a Permanent cure for Joint Pain???

Well, Ayurvedic medicines work best to cure and root out the joint pain but it is just a remedial approach, depending on the nature and extent of the problem.

Ayurveda is —Holistic Healing Through Herbs