Brahmi – the brain tonic from the world of Ayurveda

Brahmi has held the fascination of the Ayurveda world since time immemorial. Rightfully named after Lord Brahma, the creator, Brahmi is all about channelizing your body’s energy through its innumerable therapeutic benefits. The intense interest around Brahmi often leads to many questions from my patients at my Ayurveda clinic at Chennai, who want to know whether consuming this wonder herb will really enhance their brain capacity and memory power. So here’s a quick introduction to the powerhouse of Ayurveda, the Brahmi.

Why is Brahmi so important?

Brahmi refers to energy – it’s all about an energetic mind, body, and soul. Brahmi’s leaves resemble the cerebellum (a critical portion of the brain); hence, even nature has tagged Brahmi for greatness.  Rich in antioxidants, this wonder herb eliminate free radicals from the body, supporting in rejuvenation and detoxification.

Brahmi grows easily in humid conditions and has been in use for many centuries. So it is easily one of the most studied natural herbs not just in Ayurveda but also in Allopathy. Brahmi improves pitta and reduces kapha in case of imbalances. This is responsible for most of its extensive applications.

Some of the important uses of Brahmi

Stress busters

One of the most significant benefits of this herb is in reducing stress and its resulting body effects. Studies have found that it probably limits the release of stress hormones in the body, thus limiting the effects of stress on the body. This effect also reduces the brain’s reflex reaction to stress.  They also soothen the nervous system and reduce the stress in the body.

Improving memory, focus, and energy

This effect too is related to the stimulation of the nervous system, which drastically improves alertness at the same time calming the body and mind. This contrasting effect ensures that your mind is stress free and free from tiredness. It helps you sleep and rest well, decreasing your muscle tension and making your alert and attentive.  It also has an appreciable effect on your long- and short-term memory power. As a result you feel energetic and clear, always ready to take on mental and physical challenges.

This multiple effect of Brahmi makes it precious in controlling the symptoms of deteriorating brain function in case of Alzheimer’s disease.  Studies have indicated that this wonder herb also stimulates growth of brain tissues and that all these encouraging effects are because they act on the hippocampus, which is the seat for memory and intelligence.

Immunity boosters

Brahmi boosts your immunity, especially owing to its antioxidant property. This makes it precious in the Ayurvedic treatment for osteoarthritic pain and other types of inflammatory conditions.

Other applications of Brahmi

Brahmi is effective in joint pain treatment since it helps in detoxification and removing ama from the syanovial fluid, resulting in movement. It is also known to help in the management of gastric ulcers and digestive conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome. Interestingly, this super herb also controls blood sugar in case of diabetes.

Support in panchakarma treatment

One of the main challenges during panchakarma treatment is that it alters the person’s sleep patterns, reducing the number of hours you sleep. In such cases, Brahmi helps in calming the mind and inducing sleep. Hence, this is a support treatment during panchakarma.

Brahmi – the bright intellectual  of Ayurveda

Brahmi in the form of oil, paste, powders, or formulations for internal use have innumerable benefits. However, rather than getting carried away by its brilliant advantages, always consult with an expert Ayurveda doctor to be sure that your body requires this wonder herb and that there will not be any undesired consequences before you enjoy the benefits.