Tinnitus or Ringing in the Ears – How Can MI Ayurveda Clinic Chennai, Help You Overcome This Exasperating Condition?

Those who have heard about tinnitus are well aware of how challenging this condition is, often completely derailing regular routines of daily living. In most cases you often hear the calming words that you need to somehow learn to accept this condition and make it a part of your life. Now, that’s much easier said than done, especially when the condition is severe. Imagine having to listen to a constant sound, not necessarily ringing, that only you can hear. What if that sound is always present, at all times, at varying intensities? Yes, tinnitus, or Karnanada, as we address the condition in Ayurveda, needs immediate attention and lifestyle-driven Ayurveda-based care to help you manage the difficult complications of this condition. But before we go to the solution at Ayurveda Clinic Chennai, let’s find out a little more about tinnitus.

Tinnitus Treatment at Ayurveda Clinic Chennai

What is tinnitus?

Tinnitus refers to a constant sound a person perceives often, intermittently, after specific stimuli, or all the time. It varies from a ringing and a whistle to the sound of waves. The intensity of the sound can vary, from being faint and manageable to being unbearably loud. None of these sounds emanate from the person’s environment. They are generated from within the body; hence no one else can hear these sounds. It can affect one or both ears and can completely destroy activities of regular living, with chances of the person even becoming depressed from a feeling of complete helplessness

Why does it occur?

Many reasons have been attributed as the triggers of tinnitus, but Ayurveda approaches this condition differently. But first let’s look at the common triggers/

Something as simple as excessive wax in the ears can lead to tinnitus. Similarly, loud noises or other infections that damage the hair cells or tiny nerves in your inner ear can cause tinnitus. Some medications such as even aspirin are known to trigger tinnitus. Serious underlying conditions such as tumors or cardiovascular conditions also have tinnitus as one of its symptoms. However, presence of tinnitus is not a diagnosis of any of these conditions.

Ayurveda has a completely different take on tinnitus. An imbalance of vata roga is often the root cause of this condition. Ayurveda considers tinnitus as an indicator of a critical internal imbalance associated with the brain. Hence stress is often considered an important trigger for tinnitus. This stress could be caused by improper sleep-wake cycles, excessive use of mobile phones, laptops, and other devices that generate harmful radiations, excessive physical or mental pressure, improper dietary habits, sudden traumatic events, unmonitored harmful exercise routines, and unmonitored intake of medications. All these factors cause an imbalance of vata roga, which manifests in the form of tinnitus. Pitta and kapha roga imbalances can also cause tinnitus but the intensity of the sound varies in these cases.

Managing tinnitus

You definitely require the support of an expert Ayurveda doctor or our doctor at MI Ayurveda Clinic Chennai to manage tinnitus effectively. It requires patience and the determination to change your entire lifestyle, from diet to exercise. I have listed below some of the common approaches that help you manage the condition.


Always ensure that your food is warm. Completely avoid cold water, chilled food, bitter preparations, and dry food. Add butter to your food, and avoid caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol. All the factors that exacerbate vata roga should be eliminated from your diet. Ensure that you follow a strict diet routine of eating on time and spacing out your meals sensibly.

Ayurveda procedures that can help

Karnapooranam: This simple procedure involves introducing medicated Ayurveda oils, or even garlic or sesame oil , into the ears and holding the oil in the ears for about 10 minutes. While its primary effect is to cleanse the ear, this procedure also helps relieve stress and regain the vata balance.

Nasya: The ear, nose, and throat are connected integrally. Hence the calming effect of nasya with medicated herbal formulations in warm sesame oil can help in restoring vata balance. Both these procedures can be performed at home, with the advice of an expert Ayurveda doctor.

Gargling: The throat is the third critical element that completes the triad that needs attention in case of tinnitus. Gargling with medicated herbal formulations known to serve as nerve tonics can be quite beneficial when repeated consistently.

Abhyangam: Of course, massaging the head and feet with medicated Ayurveda formulations can stimulate blood circulation, rejuvenate your body, and calm your mind. Interestingly many points on the feet have a direct beneficial effect on the ears.

Lifestyle changes

Include procedures such as simple scalp massages, nasya, and karnapooranam into your routine, with the strict guidance of your Ayurveda doctor. Limit your exposure to loud noise such as those from head phones and reduce the time you spend in front of your laptop, mobile phones, and other such devices. Practice medication, focusing on the total silence around you as you meditate. Avoid exposure to cold and adopt more warm elements in your life, from warm water to warm clothes and warm temperature setting. Explain your condition to your family members and other people close to you, so they can help you manage the condition effectively. As much as possible reduce stress and find ways of calming your mind and body.

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