panchakarma treatment in Chennai

Panchakarma treatment in Chennai

Panchakarma treatment in Chennai.  Madras Institute of Ayurveda. Did you know that our body has the unique ability to heal itself? But with today’s tendencies for adopting unhealthy lifestyles and food habits, our bodies often go through a toxin overload. Our bodies hence struggle to recuperate and your need external help to remove all the toxins. Ayurveda has the perfect solution to bring back your body’s balance and health with the Panchakarma treatment. Following are more details of  panchakarma treatment in Chennai.

Panchakarma is Ayurveda’s unqiue, traditional, and time-tested detoxification and healing process that resets your body’s health state and cleanses your body and mind. As the name suggests, Panchakarma has five critical procedures that result in detoxification and focuses on the digestive system, skin, bladder, circulatory system, and lungs to achieve purification.

What are the specific benefits of Panchakarma treatment in Chennai.  Madras Institute of Ayurveda.


Panchakarma delivers incredible benefits for healthy individuals and for curing patients with specific health conditions. The treatment helps you achieve the following benefits:

  1. Removal of toxins from all your systems
  2. Improved immune system’s response
  3. An improved sense of well-being
  4. Weight loss
  5. Healthier skin and hair
  6. Complete destressing
  7. Enhanced focus and clarity


The list is much longer, but in essence, Panchakarma treatment essentially brings out a new you after removing all the negative effects that your body has had to endure.

Panchakarma treatment – preparation, duration, and process

Panchakarma ideally takes about 2 weeks for preparatory procedures, treatment processes, and recuperation.

Preparatory phase

Since Panchakarma involves a series of physically exhausting procedures, your body needs to be prepared to undergo this stringent process. Hence the preparatory process involves Deepana and Pachana, which involve balancing the digestive elements of the body. This is followed by oleation, or application of oil on the body using herbal formulations, and fomentation, which involves stimulation of the sweat glands to open up the skin pores. This is an essential step before each step of the Panchakarma treatment

The 5-step procedure, what we do at panchakarma treatment in Chennai

Step 1 – Vamana: In this step, the patient is given an Ayurvedic formulation that induces vomiting. This therapeutic vomiting will remove the digestive toxins from your upper digestive tract. This process is critical in the treatment of conditions such as asthma and in enabling weight loss.

Step 2 – Virechana: This cleansing process also targets the digestive system, but this step focuses on cleansing the bowels. This process is time consuming and exhausting. It hence requires the individual to recuperate for a couple of days, after which an Ayurvedic laxative ensures that the detoxification process at this step is complete. Virechana is not just effective in curing colitis and other liver diseases. It also helps cure skin disorders.

Step 3 – Basti or Kashaya Vasti: This step involves administering herbal formulations through the rectum for complete cleansing of the body. This step is critical to clear the body from the toxins that cause serious conditions such as arthritis and paralysis. It is also useful for piles, constipation, and lower back pain.

Step 4 – Nasya: This steps involves administering Auyrvedic medicines through the nose. This step helps improve the skin quality, removes wrinkles, and relieves headaches

Step 5 – Raktamokshana: This step helps in the creation of fresh blood, thus completing the detoxification process. This is a great solution for skin conditions. However, it is applied only when there is a need to go in for this step.

Of course, the duration, dosage of medications, and the intensity of the procedure depends on the person’s health condition, age, and many other factors. Hence ensure that you choose your Ayurveda doctor carefully. If you are in Chennai, consider options from Kotakkal Ayurveda treatment.

Panchakarma treatment can be a life-changing experience, giving you the well-deserved detoxified and cleansed body, mind, and soul that you deserve. Call us to know more or visit for panchakarma treatment in Chennai at Madras Institute of Ayurveda.