Navara rice

Annalepanam – A magical procedure using Navara rice for muscle, joints, and nourishment

Annalepanam is related to the Navarakizhi procedure. Both the procedures use the same primary ingredient, Navara rice. Their benefits are also similar. However the procedure has a slight variance. Many physicians also call this procedure Navara Theppu. As the name indicates, the procedure involves applying the warm paste of the rice across the patient’s body. This warm paste is said to stimulate sweating and removal of toxins through the skin.

This procedure is relatively less well known as compared to the other Ayurveda treatments. But, in my Ayurveda clinic in Chennai, I recommend this procedure to my patients who usually do not have the physical stamina to withstand the navara kizhi.

 What is Navara rice?

Navara is a special form of medicinal variant of rice from Kerala. We use the specific variant that farmers reap on the 60th day since it has optimal medicinal effects. Naravara rice is popular for its internal effects too and people commonly feed this rice to infants to stimulate growth. It also helps overcome urinary and skin disorders and is a great health supplement.

The benefits of annalepanam

Ayurveda physicians usually prescribe annalepanam for vata rogas, but it also helps in rejuvenation and is safe even for children. It’s especially beneficial for those patients who find it tough to manage the heat and strain of Navara kizhi. Annalepanam’s benefits are similar to those of Navara kizhi, with its rejuvenation effects. It is usually one of the main procedures that Ayurveda physicians recommend during the recovery period following injuries or in conditions that result in muscle wasting. The procedure is also an effective supplement in managing paralysis, muscular dystrophy, arthritis, and muscle and joint pains. This treatment predominantly nourishes the body, rebuilding the muscular and immune system of the body after any traumatic injury. It is equally effective in healthy people.

The procedure

For annalepanam, the therapists do not make the navara rice into a poultice, but they cook it and mix it with warm and medicated milk to form a paste. They then apply the warm paste from the torso downward or on a particular part of the body, as per my prescription. The procedure takes about an hour and a half and you will need to repeat the procedure based on my prescription. This is a svedana treatment, which means that this procedure induces sweating. Annalepanam is perfect and safe for people across all ages.


Do contact me if you have any further questions about this procedure. You’ll need to first inquire about how it works, whether you are eligible to undergo this procedure, and the care you will have to take during and post this procedure. Ensure that you proceed with the treatment only after you have all the answers.