kizhi treatment

Kizhi Treatment: The Magical Medicinal Cloth Bags That Soak Away All Your Stress

In today’s right-now and right-away lifestyle, most of us struggle with stress and its symptoms, but we are either too busy to notice these signs or assume that these indicators are part of our regular body response. You might not be in a position to drive stressful situations away, but you can certainly take the help of Ayurveda to rejuvenate your body to overcome stress and other painful conditions. The kizhi treatment is one of the most popular Ayurvedic treatments that helps you mitigate the harmful effects of stress and related conditions with ease.

A popular treatment, Kizhi has been point of curiosity for many patients who visit me at my Ayurveda clinic in Chennai. They have a million questions about how a muslin cloth filled with leaves, herbs, or powder work such magic? Is there a specific routine that they have to follow? Who decides on the type of kizhi?

With so many interesting questions coming my way about the benefits of kizhi treatment and the actual procedure, I thought I could help you understand this form of rejuvenating treatment a little better.

What does kizhi treatment involve?

Kizhi refers to a sachet or a bundle made of muslin cloth, which contains rice, herbal powders, leaves, or even sand. Physicians warm these bundles and gently massage them across the body or specific body parts depending on the prescription. Always make sure that you consult with an Ayurvedic physician before starting treatment since each condition requires a specific type of kizhi and application format. The intention is for the body to absorb the medication from the sachet or poultice and sweat from all the heat applied. Physicians apply kizhis usually to specific parts of the body by placing them in these locations for a specific period by applying gentle pressure. This procedure has many benefits.

Conditions where kizhi treatment is beneficial

The dry heat and the medicinal influence of kizhis are great in overcoming vata rogas, but physicians avoid this procedure in predominantly pitta conditions.

Reducing stress

This treatment improves blood circulation across the body, thus relieving the body from stiffness, fatigue, and the other physical and psychological symptoms caused by stress.

Controlling pain

Vata aggravation often leads to musculoskeletal and joint pains. The heat from the warm kizhis reduces vata roga and alleviates the associated pain. Improved circulation also helps the muscle tissues to recover faster. This treatment is especially effective in the case of back pain.

Other effects of enhancing circulation

Enhanced circulation means increased sweating; hence the body easily eliminates toxic body wastes easily. This helps in rejuvenation and in the treatment of inflammatory diseases, osteoarthritis, sciatica, neuralgia, and spondylolysis.

Sports injuries

The combined effect of herbal medication, heat, and massage helps in the treatment of sports injuries when performed under the supervision of a certified doctor across multiple sittings.

Weight loss

Kizhi leads to heat-stimulated perspiration, which helps lose body weight. For the same reason and because the body’s blood circulation is enhanced, kizhi is great for the skin and delays aging.

Types of kizhis

There are many types of kizhi that can be used based on the purpose of the procedure. Ensure that you take the guidance of an expert Ayurvedic physician before selecting the specific type of kizhi.


Podikizhi has herbs that are dried and powdered. These are mixed into warm herbal oils and then added into muslin bags. This poultice is applied on the affected areas. Podikizhis are beneficial in case of rheumatic arthritis and in overcoming pain in muscles and joints. It is also effective in the treatment of chronic sports injuries.


Although ela refers to the leaves, this form of kizhi uses both leaves and roots of herbs such as dhatura. Physicians heat these herbs in oils and finally prepare their bundles. The physician determines the ingredients of this kizhi and the preparatory procedure. Physicians heat elakizhi during the application process since it does not retain heat. This kizhi is great at rejuvenating the body and relieves pain in case of joint pain and improves agility in sports. It also helps in relieving the numbness of the hands and legs, as well as other conditions that require relief from pain.


Navarakizhi is unique since Navara, which is a special form of medicinal rice, is the primary ingredient of this kizhi. This is mixed into a concoction of milk and other medicinal herbs, heated, and tied into a kizhi. This form of kizhi is quite popular and is useful in rejuvenating the body muscles. It provides relief in case of paralysis and other neurological conditions.

 Kizhi treatment for pain and stress relief

Kizhi treatment requires a preliminary assessment by an expert physician who will first assess your symptoms and condition. The physician will recommend the right procedure based on your condition. Each session takes about an hour, and ideally a complete treatment requires about 2 weeks. So make sure you choose a well-recommended Ayurveda clinic and an experienced doctor before you go on a self-prescription mode. Yes, the treatment works wonders, but only when done the right way.