The Essence of Sodhana Chikitsa – A Complete Detoxification Ayurveda Protocol

Sodhana Chikitsa is all about internal purification. Indeed, this cleansing procedure is at the core of the Ayurvedic approach to restoring health. This extensive treatment involves removing metabolic toxins or ama from the body through a 3-stage procedure. A critical aspect of Sodhana Chikitsa is Panchakarma treatment. This Chikitsa is critical to helping the body regaining the balance between vata, pitta, and kapha rogas. In addition, the Chikitsa is the treatment of choice for many diseased conditions including arthritis and metabolic disorders.  The treatment approach includes stimulating every mode of the body’s excretory system, from the sweat glands to the lower digestive tract.

What is Sodhana Chikitsa all about?

Ayurveda principles function on the principle that built-up ama within the body leads to most of diseases and disorders of the body, affecting the routine functioning and responsibilities of tissues and organs. These accumulated toxins are often the result of an inherent problem in the body or a collation of poor body routine, from types and timings of food to sleep habits. Sodhana Chikitsa helps remove all these accumulated toxins, thereby calming the body and mind and restoring every system’s inherent quality and balance. A collection of intensive treatment protocols including snehana, swedana, and the five critical steps of panchakarma, including virechana, vamana, vasthi, nasyam, and rakthamoksham, form the core of this Chikitsa.

This treatment protocol requires the person to be considerably strong since it can be an exhaustive procedure extending to weeks. So first consult your Ayurveda doctor before you decide.

Procedure of Sodhana Chikitsa

The procedure involves a wide spectrum of treatments divided into three stages:

Poorvakarma, or the preparatory stage; pradhanakarma or panchakarma treatment; and paschatkarma, or the post-detoxification treatment


The first step is preparatory and it includes complete oleation with medicinal Ayurveda oils and steaming to prepare the body for the intensive protocol involved in detoxification. This preparatory procedure improves circulation and gets the tissues ready to eliminate the toxins. The oleation could be in the form of abhyangam, shirovasti, pizhichil, or other forms massages, while steaming could also includes kizhis.

The essential elements of Panchakarma, the pradhanakarma

Virechana involves purgation induced by Ayurveda formulations, while vamana involves inducing emesis orally. Vasthi is an enema while nasyam involves delivering medication through the nasal cavity. However, rakthamoksham is not much in use nowadays since this involves blood-letting using leaches or needles.


This stage helps patients get back to their daily routine refreshed but with healthy food habits and lifestyle, including a stringent diet, exercise routine and sleep habits.


Sodhana Chikitsa although an intensive and time-consuming procedure is quite effective in cleansing the body from all toxins.

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